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Party candidates to take a public oath for public service
11 March 2010

Today, Loksatta's candidates for the BBMP elections will take a public oath in front of Mahatma Gandhi's statue on MG Road. "This is the first election that the party's candidates are contesting in the state, and we want to show how our candidates are clearly different from the others," said party candidate Dr Shankara Prasad, who is contesting the elections from Rajarajeswari Nagar ward. "It is an honour for us to be standing in front of the Indian with the most integrity in history, and promise to follow in his footsteps," said Dr.Prasad.

"We all know that a major cause for corruption in the system is excess expenditure in the election itself. When that happens, there is pressure on candidates to recover the money after the election. If we eliminate high spending during elections, this vicious cycle can be broken," he added. Loksatta candidates will take a public oath pledging to not buy voters by any means during the elections, and to conduct their campaign in ethical manner within the stipulated guidelines.

"Each of my colleagues is a self-made citizen of the city with excellent professional records, a strong reputation for proven public service, and with good, clear ideas for the future of namma Bengaluru," said Dr Prasad. "None of us has any need to convince voters to support us by any other means other than by promising good governance and public service." The party's lineup for the elections includes a doctor, a playwright, a conservation architect, an RTI campaigner, a leading figure in the RWA movement in the city and a technology professional - a clear indication that there is indeed a space for progressive politics by informed and educated candidates in the city elections.

Loksatta invites all citizens to attend the public event for the oath taking ceremony, and be part of a new beginning in Karnataka politics. All Loksatta aandidates are also declaring their assets publicly even though it is not required under the law. The candidates will also pledge to declare assets annually as well, if they get elected.

After the oath-taking, the candidates will proceed to the respective area offices to file nominations along with their supporters.

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