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Loksatta declines to accommodate 'rebels' from other parties
14 March 2010

Loksatta Party today declined to accommodate 'rebel' candidates from other parties, some of whom had sought tickets with Loksatta instead after being denied an opportunity to contest elections by their own parties. In response to such queries, Loksatta clarified that it would not violate its internal democratic traditions, nor would it encourage other parties' members to do so. Loksatta reminded frustrated ticket seekers fromother parties that differences among people do occur, but the solution to this does not lie in jumping ship. Rather, it would be good if cadres of all parties encouraged their leaders to hold internally consistent and democratic processes for the selection of candidates.

Loksatta also declined to accommodate independents who had sought the party ticket at the last minute. We respect the aspirations of many of these ticket seekers, said a party spokesman, but there is no room in Loksatta for uncommitteed politics. We don't encourage party-hopping, nor do we impose a candidate on the cadres or the voters. Every candidate must have the popular support of the party cadre. Without this starting point, there could be no meaningful representation.

With Monday, the 15th of March being the last day for nominations, the party wished all contestants well in the election, and hoped that they would participate in robust debates in front of the people so that voters could make informed choices. Certainly, Loksatta candidates would happily participate in such fora and also answers voters' questions independently.

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