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Loksatta to form shadow government, makes first appointment
08 March 2010

Loksatta party today announced that it would form a shadow cabinet for the state, giving its leaders specific responsibilities and opportunities in different domains. The first appointment of a Shadow Minister for Transportation was also announced by the party. Mr Muralidhar Rao will henceforth hold this portfolio and be the party's primary voice on issues of transportation and traffic in the state.

The party is confident that the appointment of specific shadow ministers for various domains will help in many ways. The public and the media can henceforth turn to specific voices within the party to ascertain the party's views on important public issues. Moreover, this will also create clarity in the public mind as to what policies the party may pursue in each domain when it comes to power.

At the same time, the party clarified that in keeping with Loksatta principles of internal democracy and independent thinking, representatives of the party would remain free to exercise their own judgment on all issues, notwithstanding the appointment of shadow ministers for specific portfolios. "It is more important to Loksatta that its members and representatives bring their hearts and minds both to the party and its functioning, and we will never compromise on this. We believe this is integral to the idea of a constituency, where each representative is first and foremost accountable to the people who elected him/her," a party spokeswoman explained.

Speaking immediately after his appointment, Mr Muralidhar Rao said he was delighted to be the party's first shadow minister in the state, and looked forward to engaging with the public on issues within his domain. "Each of us has a wide range of interests. But we must also focus on specific things that allow us to become strong voices in a few areas, and the shadow government system is a good way to promote such learning within political parties. Great parties around the world have similar structures, and Loksatta is happy to follow in this proud tradition," he added.

The party is expected to make other shadow governmemnt appointments in the next few weeks.

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