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Loksatta calls for a movement to bring Justice Santosh Hegde back to office: Organises protest at Mahatma Gandhi statue on Saturday morning at 9 am
23 June 2010

The resignation of the Hon'ble Lokayukta Shri Santosh Hegde is a low point for governance in the state. His action, coming after many months of repeatedly urging the government to give his office more powers, and to take action against various offenders he has identified, is a blackmark against the political leadership of the BJP, as well as the Congress and JD(S), all of whom have paid only lip service to the Lokayukta's efforts. It is particularly unfortunate that the Government has failed to protect officials of the Lokayukta's office from motivated legal and other attacks.

Even at this late hour, the Government can take corrective action, and restore public confidence that the much-needed battle against corruption in public service will be taken up seriously. There are three steps the government needs to take seriously, and immediately.

  • Empower the Lokayukta with the necessary suo moto powers to initiate action against those found prima facie guilty of offences.

  • Decline to accept Justice Hegde's resignation, and urge him gracefully to once again take up the battle on behalf of the good citizens of this State.

  • Allow him to carry out the functions of his office, with the necessary support in manpower to be effective in curtailing corruption.

Loksatta Party urges people to stand up for their right to corruption-free government, and protest the government inaction on and disregard for the Lokayukta's efforts. Earlier this year, the party had launched an "Empower Lokayukta" signature campaign. This has received the support of over 3,000 citizens of Karnataka and it continues to gain in strength. Click here to support this campaign.

Bangalore Police have denied permission to hold a protest rally either Thursday or Friday. Loksatta therefore calls citizens of Karnataka to assemble on Saturday morning at 9 am at Mahatma Gandhi Statue on MG Road, in a show of support to this important public office, and respect for Justice Hegde's work.

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