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First democratic political party elections in Karnataka on Feb 13
8 February 2011

The Karnataka office of Loksatta party has announced that it will be conducting its first party elections on February 13th at the party office in Jaymahal extension. Elections will be held for two positions; President and Secretary for Bengaluru district. Speaking on the occasion, senior Loksatta party leader Dr. Shankara Prasad who has been appointed the Returning Officer said, "This will be the first time that political party elections would be conducted democratically in the state of Karnataka. The state's office bearers will be elected exclusively by party members of the state without interference from the party's national office as with the other prominent parties."

The last day for filing nominations for candidature for the two posts was on February 6th. Before elections are conducted, each of the interested candidates will have to circulate a vision document detailing their vision for the party and the plan for activities in the next one year. This will be formally presented by each candidate to all party members at the party office on February 13th

The elections has stirred an air of excitement and lifted the spirits of the party members. Expressed Mr. V C Yogaiah, senior party member who has dedicatedly served the party since its inception in Karnataka over 2 years back, "Loksatta has done great work in the last two years. We now want leaders to carry on the good work and take the party to new heights." Adding to this active party member Mr. Rajashekar Maram said, "We are looking for a leader who can not only give better direction to the party, but who has a larger vision of how Bangalore should develop in the next 5 years."

Dr. Shankara Prasad urged all party members to come out in large numbers to exercise their rightful franchise, "Elections are a celebration of democracy. This Loksatta party elections will be a model for all political parties and a challenge to them to follow the principles of democracy." He later added, "True democracy can be established in India only when elections to the democratic institutions of Parliament and Legislatures, are complemented by inner party democracy in the political parties. Only by this can the evils of dynasty politics, money and muscle power be removed from our political system"

First democratic political party elections in Karnataka on Feb 13
8 February, 2011

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